Membership to ALDA, European Association for Local Democracy

9 Janar, 20240

Ref: Membership to ALDA, European Association for Local Democracy
Dear Mr Haxhimali,

In my capacity as President of ALDA, the European Association for Local Democracy, it is with great pleasure that I welcome the Institute for Albanian Municipalities to our network of
members. In light of our historic cooperation, the Governing Board of ALDA congratulates you on the creation of IAM which will continue to bolster local democracy in Albania. The Board has
been particularly impressed by your application and your actions aiming to strengthen local democracy in your community and accepted your request of membership.

During ALDA’s General Assembly 2023, our Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination Policy was presented and adopted. The Policy has the purpose of outlining values and standards we expect staff and other people associated with ALDA to uphold, protecting staff and other stakeholders from any form of discrimination, and improving ALDA’s working environment through positive
actions. As part of our network, we kindly invite you to sign the Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination declaration attached.





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