Waste Analysis to be carried out in two pilot regions of Albania

23 Shkurt, 20180

The project “Technical Assistance on Urban Solid Waste Integrated Management System”, financed by EU and implemented by Eptisa, have engaged the Association of Albanian Municipalities to conduct a qualitative and quantitative waste analysis in regions of Kukes and Gjirokastra, as well as in the Dibra Municipality.

The analysis consists in finding out at the best possible accuracy the composition of urban waste, mostly produced by households and small businesses that produce similar waste to that of households. Samples will be gathered as to represent the population distribution in the territories of pilot municipalities. Waste sorting (in 13 categories) and laboratory analysis will be the means of finding out the composition of waste.

The Association will complete the activity in 4 months. The results of the analysis will give respective municipalities a clear idea on what materials urban waste is made of, what are the recycling potentials and what would be a feasible solution of managing each waste component.

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