Innovative Diversity Management and Inclusion Strategies for European Towns – IDIMAE

26 Prill, 20240

INDIMAE was implemented as a participative and innovative networking project, anchored in the social, economic and political reality of the EU, seeking to establish a pan-European network of towns, working together on improving diversity management and minority rights protection in European towns. The INDIMAE Network worked to address the challenges of all European societies and groups. Involving a wide range of citizens from different social and professional backgrounds, underrepresented minority and migrant communities, the Network fostered a dialogue between public bodies, twinning committees and civil society organisations, acting to develop sustainable public- private partnerships to counter discrimination and promote cultural diversity. The INDIMAE Project activities took place between September’ 2020 and November’ 2023, involving 11 partner organisations from 10 countries – 8 EU members 2 neighbouring countries. Fostering participatory democracy and human rights, INDIMAE involved a series of joint towns citizens’ actions: 4 international and 11 local residential events, as well as online citizen debates – working together on inclusive strategies to for further development and implementation of local policies and strategies for innovative diversity management and inclusion in European towns.

Four residential events have been carried out within this project:

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